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There are many reasons why people want to sell their house fast and whatever the reason, the team at Owen Property Solutions can help.

Some of the people we have helped to sell their homes as quickly as possible have been:

  • Relocating: whether you are going abroad, moving to a new job or retiring to the coast, we can help you to sell your property with minimum hassle. We have a portfolio of cash investors looking to invest in property that they can purchase quickly, which means you avoid the frustrations of the property chain.
  • Facing financial difficulty: if you need to release the equity from your home then selling swiftly will be your priority. Owen Property Solutions can help solve your problems by ensuring a quick sale to relieve you of this financial burden.
  • Facing repossession: we can offer you a quick house sale immediately, so releasing equity and enabling you to prevent any further action being taken against you.
  • Going through divorce or separation: usually a quick, hassle free sale at the best price possible is the best result for both parties. We have the resources available to buy your house immediately, giving you one less thing to worry about during this very difficult time.
  • Beneficiaries of an inheritance: if you have inherited a property, you may be considering to sell the property quickly and to avoid any costly legal fees associated with the inheritance. Working with us to achieve a quick sale, for a guaranteed offer for the value of the house, could well be the most cost effective and efficient way to turn your inheritance into cash.

Market Knowledge & Skills

Whatever your reason, Owen Property Solutions has the market knowledge and skills to sell your property fast, avoiding the delays and pitfalls of the standard agency approach to selling.

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