coloured housesAt Owen Property Solutions, we manage our own portfolio of property investments as well as those of our client investors.  As a result, we are ideally placed not only to find an investment property for you but also to source and manage your tenants.

Particularly these days, as legislation is becomingly increasingly stringent, and with the introduction of the Landlord Licensing Scheme across England and Wales, more and more landlords are looking for pro-active professionals to manage their property investments.


Property Management

Others recognise the complexity of managing their own rental properties, particularly when it comes to generating the correct paperwork, dealing with deposits, tenant referencing and other issues which can leave the landlord exposed at a later date.

The main benefits of using the services of Owen Property Solutions to manage your rental properties include:

  • Guaranteed rent, each and every single month of the year.
  • Long term leases from 1-5 years.
  • 0% management fee. We do not charge a penny for professionally managing the property.
  • We cover the cost and carry out any maintenance works needed on the property up to £50.
  • We only let properties to our fully referenced and credit checked working and professional clients.
  • We carry out a light refurbishment on all rooms, making the property more attractive to rent and also increasing the value of the property
  • We cover all the bills and council tax, collect rent, carry out inspections of the property every month, making it very hands off and hassle free for the Landlord.

Local Market

What’s more, we have direct experience of working in the local rental property market and we ensure that our clients are not exposed to any undue risks and keep on top of all changes to legislation.

Most importantly, as private landlords all have to be registered under the new Landlord Licensing Scheme, those that choose to manage their rental properties themselves will have to become licensed too.   The team at Owen Property Solutions are fully licensed under this scheme, so by appointing us to manage your properties, you will avoid the hassle and expense of becoming licensed yourself.

To find out more about our property rental and maintenance service, call today on 07468 617 946 or email