semidetachedWith our Help you can Own your Own Home Without the Need for a Deposit


Many people struggle to get their foot onto the property ladder as they simply cannot save the required deposit.  If this sounds like you, then we have the solution – Rent to buy.

Rent to buy comes with all the advantages of owning your own home and watching it grow in value, while you build a deposit to complete the sale?

Owen Property Solutions are specialised in finding and offering you your ideal property solution from our large database of sellers who are willing to offer flexible buying options, ensuring we offer you the perfect solution for your particular circumstances.

How does it work?

Essentially, with Rent to Buy, the buyer starts life as a tenant with a regular rental agreement together along with other related legal paperwork.  No mortgage deposit payment is required. The agreed purchase price is agreed from the moment the potential buyer signs an agreement and cannot be increased thereafter. It is up to the tenants when they decide the option to buy and they can even have some of the rent credited towards the purchase price.

From the tenant’s perspective, they feel at home from day one as they know that one day, they will own the home and as such have the freedom to improve the property to their own tastes.

A ‘Buy now Pay later’ arrangement or Rent to Buy, gives you tremendous benefit of ‘freezing’ the price; allowing you time to build up a deposit to complete the sale at the agreed date in the future. You can complete before if you choose with no penalties. You effectively own your own home from the minute you sign the paperwork. On final completion the house is signed over to you BUT with the added advantage that any equity above the agreed price is yours!

Benefits of a Rent to Buy Scheme

The benefits of a Rent to Buy scheme include:

  • Prices are frozen making it much easier to buy at later date.
  • You are not paying out dead money in rent.
  • the equity in the property builds up for you.
  • Less ‘moving in money’ will be required.
  • The amount to borrow percentage can potentially decrease in the future.
  • Monthly Option fees can be part refunded or included as equity at the completion date.
  • You become a home ownership is much faster than in the traditional way.
  • No bank funds are needed to get you started

There are also huge benefits for the property landlord.  They can not only collect a higher, monthly rent but will also get a lump sum when the tenant moves in. If they have been struggling to sell a property on the open market, this is again an alternative solution for them.

Our Rent to Buy schemes are very flexible, and allows each tenant buyer to find the right scheme to suit their circumstances. Whatever the situation, even if you’re finding it difficult to become mortgage-approved, we can help you own your own property. Rent to Buy offers you time to save up and put money towards your mortgage deposit, while you can already live in your ideal future home. Our scheme ultimately removes the financial strain and added pressures of that can often

If a Rent to Buy scheme sounds like the ideal option for you, then call us today on 07468 617 946 or email

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